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Why the Most Successful Banks Deploy World-class Analytics. Artificial Intelligence, and an Enterprise Data Architecture

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Of Course We Deliver Strategy, We Also Deliver Results

  • Fiduciary Responsibility
    Increase productivity and revenue while reducing risk of fines and adverse market capital impairments.

  • Internal Payments Network
    Build an internal network of payment activity to drive incremental value and to lay the analytic foundation for participation in blockchain.

  • Process Optimization
    Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your customer engagement process with staff optimization, risk awareness, portfolio management, and product package quality.

  • Finance Foundation
    Bring analytic agility, effectiveness, and efficiency to finance performance measurement and management.

  • Customer Journey
    Build an intimate understanding of your customer to ensure a mutually beneficial and valuable relationship.

  • Persistent Risk Compliance
    Reduce the cost of regulatory compliance while assuring qualitative compliance, response agility, and alignment with internal risk processes.

  • Risk, Fraud and AML Customer Centricity
    Increase faster test-learn cycles to uncover emerging patterns of risk, fraud, and anti-money laundering to benefit your bottom line.


Over 80% of the World’s Most Savvy Analytical Financial Institutions Trust Teradata

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Our Consultants Are Former Financial Services Executives and Highly Experienced Professionals

Rather than reverse engineering your needs into existing solutions or applications, Teradata architects, engineers, and data scientists team with our payments, capital markets, traditional banking, and insurance gurus for a data-centric approach.

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Data can't be a reactionary afterthought to the applications or solutions of today. Data is the lifeblood of your organization and must be at the forefront for your competitive advantage. We believe defined business analytic solutions should dictate the most appropriate technical solution while simultaneously considering the most effective and efficient reuse of enabling data.