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Cloud services offer benefits including rapid spin-up, elastic scalability, and the freedom to pay only for what is used. Plus, to simplify life and de-risk decisions, Teradata offers the same Teradata Vantage software everywhere, making it easy to migrate analytic workloads between on-premises and the cloud at any time.
Cloud Analytics - AWS
Amazon Web Services Use AWS infrastructure with Teradata Vantage – either as-a-service or do-it-yourself.
Cloud Analytics - Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure Combine Azure resources with Teradata Vantage – either as-a-service or do-it-yourself.
Cloud Analytics - Teradata Cloud
Teradata Cloud Take advantage of optimized infrastructure designed specifically for Teradata Vantage.
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Why Cloud?

It’s a fact: data cloud solutions have arrived and are here to stay. Companies everywhere are reviewing their IT and data management strategies to identify where and how cloud services should play a role. Whether driven by cloud mandate, lack of data center space, need for greater flexibility, or demand for higher service levels, there are many good reasons for considering the cloud.

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Business and Technical Drivers


Teradata cloud services eliminate the need to buy expensive infrastructure and offer subscription pricing that provides greater cost control.

Faster Time-to-Value

Procuring, deploying, and provisioning IT infrastructure is a time-consuming process – but Teradata cloud solutions can literally cut months into minutes.


Technology available for data cloud solutions evolved quickly and is now enterprise-ready, capable of supporting production workloads.

Agility, Flexibility

Fast provisioning, elastic computing power, and massively scalable storage provide a level of freedom not often found in traditional solutions.

Technology Advancements

Data cloud capabilities have advanced to address the needs of demanding customers. Speed, integration, and security are at the highest levels.

Subscription Model

Teradata offers many data cloud services in a cash-flow-friendly subscription model, providing the same Vantage software across all deployment options.

Recommended First Use Cases

More and more analytic ecosystems are making their way into the cloud. Scenarios where the elasticity provided by cloud deployment is quite advantageous include test and development systems as well as data labs. These use cases share the characteristic of being needed for a short time and then no longer needed for awhile.
Cloud for Test and Development

In many organizations, the capacity of test and development systems is woefully under-utilized most of the time – but during periods of intense activity, the capacity is often woefully under-sized. It is exactly this type of situation where cloud deployment is ideal. The flexibility to, on-demand, allocate exactly the resources required for a heavy period of test and/or development and then have these resources de-allocated just as quickly when they are no longer needed is very attractive. An added advantage for test and development is the ability to use the very latest versions of software for feature exploitation and/or validation before the software has yet been approved for deployment in a highly governed on-premises environment.

Cloud for Data Labs

Cloud implementation has two significant advantages for data lab deployment. First is that the requirement for resource elasticity in the projects undertaken by data scientists is typically very high. Scalability in cloud resource allocation provides the perfect working model for a user who cannot easily anticipate resources needed for working with the next new data set or algorithm. The second advantage of cloud deployment for data science work is agility. The internal bureaucracy and timeframes for bringing in a new piece of software on-premises can create friction in data discovery. In a cloud data lab environment, the desired tools are much more likely to be easily accessible without going through onerous IT architecture governance and standards committees.

Multiple Deployment Options

There are many ways to deploy and consume Vantage in the cloud, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Teradata infrastructure (Teradata Cloud and Customer Cloud), and customer hardware with VMware virtualization software.

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