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End-to-End Visibility of Product Lifecycle

Respond faster to real-time requests from the market

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Reduce Warranty Management & Improve Product Quality

Warranty Management is about much more than merely fixing product failures; it’s an opportunity to identify and address issues proactively. Addressing warranty issues early helps you build customer loyalty and enhance your brand reputation. All of which leads to reduced warranty costs, better profit margins, and repeat business.

Improving Profitability by End-to-End Analysis of the Warranty and Quality ChainImproving Profitability by End-to-End Analysis of the Warranty and Quality Chain

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Product (VIN) Profitability / Margin Analysis

Moving any product from supply chain through manufacturing, shipping, and sales offers countless opportunities for margins to erode. Having the ability to track why and where profits are leaking can help you make strategic and operational decisions with timely, data-driven insights into whether or not those decisions will keep you in the black.

Creating a Data-Driven Advantage in HealthcareVIN Profitability Margin Analysis (VPMA): Video

Financial Performance Management

You need a lower-cost, agile finance architecture built to support current and future analytic needs. By providing a best-practice path toward this simplified IT environment, Teradata Finance and Performance Management helps finance departments do more with less.

Teradata Finance and Performance Management Industry Data Model

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Manufacturing Data Model

You would never consider building a manufacturing plant without a blueprint because you wouldn't know if you had sufficient production space, ample storage room or if inventory could flow easily in and out of your production lines. So why build a data warehouse without first knowing the details of exactly where data will be stored?

Manufacturing Data Model from TeradataManufacturing Data Model from Teradata

Master Data Management

Seeing a coherent map of critical information is a challenge when your data is stored across disparate systems. Aprimo® Master Data Manager gives you a single view of master and reference data, whether it describes customers, products, suppliers, locations, or any other important attributes.

Master Data Management from TeradataMaster Data Management from Teradata

Automotive & Industry Consulting Services

The deep expertise of our automotive and industrial industry consultants can make the difference between a pure technology implementation and a business-driven plan that produces tangible results.

Industry Consulting Services from TeradataIndustry Consulting Services from Teradata


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